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PEP Maeng Da 50x Kratom Extract Capsules - 4 Capsules

  • Soothing and Relaxing
  • Relief from Pain
  • Premium Sleep Aids
  • Potency for Experts Only
  • Long Duration
  • Eat or Drink This
  • All Natural with No Synthetics

These lazy carnival folk could sure use a little more pep when going about their work--I’ve half a mind to replace them with trained primates! These Indochinese monkeys that I’ve recently acquired work tirelessly and are really quite amiable, with the only drawback being that they sometimes throw their dung at rude patrons (though to be fair, some of my carnies do this as well on occasion). And I don’t even have to pay them; I just give them plenty of bananas and PEP Kratom. PEP doesn’t monkey around with the quality of their Mitragyna speciosa, and brings back only the finest kratom from the most remote locales of Southeast Asia to American shores. From there, PEP meticulously de-veins the kratom leaves and carefully extracts their alkaloids to ensure maximum potency. For the most PEP for your kratom dollar, we recommend PEP Maeng Da 50x Kratom Extract Capsules.

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Capsules in Pack: 4

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