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Mr. Nice Guy Vapormax I LCD Dry Vaporizer Starter Kit

You know what's Super nice, dear patrons? A showgirl on each arm, a bottle of fine hooch, and a smooth smoke dangling betwixt your fingers. What's not so nice are the consequences of smoking: bad breath, stinky duds, and dying a painful, slow death (that last part, especially). Thankfully, Super Fun Cave's new line of Mr. Nice Guy vaping gear and accessories lets you enjoy full-bodied flavor and calming nicotine without the deleterious side effects of conventional tobacco and herbal cigarettes. Who sez you can't have your funnel cake and eat it, too?

For the ultimate in vaporizing (or "vaping") your favorite dry smoking herbs, treat yourself to the Vapormax I LCD Dry Vaporizer. This sleek electric blue vaporizing device effectively converts the active ingredients in your favorite herbs into cool and cough-free vapor, which contains much more of the good stuff and far less tar and toxins than pipe or cigarette smoke. You can use this vaporizer nearly anywhere, whether you're stuck indoors or outside in the wind and rain. From its cushy rubber mouth piece to its LCD screen that displays how many uses it has left before recharging, the Vapormax blends utility and portability, and convenience and comfort into one budget-friendly package. The Vapormax LCD Dry Vaporizer Starter Kit includes everything you need to start vaping in style, as well as a cleaning brush tool, battery, and a USB charger and wall adaptor.

Product Features: Electric Blue Vapormax Battery, Ceramic Heating Chamber, Mesh Filter, Chamber Connector, Ceramic Filter, Rubber Mouthpiece, Cleaning Tool Brush, USB Charger with Wall Adapter, User Manual

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