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KABOOM Kratom - Green Malaysian with Indo Extract - 6 Capsules

  • Soothing and Relaxing
  • Relief from Pain
  • Premium Sleep Aids
  • Potency for Intermediates
  • Medium Duration
  • Eat or Drink This
  • All Natural with No Synthetics
  • 420 Enhancing! Stay Lifted!

Kaboom! No carnival performer suffers more for the public’s amusement than our humble human cannonball. Why, just last week the poor fellow missed the safety net entirely and somehow crash-landed into a crate full of rusty butcher knives. Fortunately, we had some of this potent Kaboom kratom on hand to ease his suffering. Kaboom’s Green Malaysian with Indo Extract is a full-spectrum blend to two of the most analgesic kratom strains. Hopefully, this will help our human cannonball feel better before tomorrow’s performance. He’s going to need to be in tip-top health, just in case he happens to land in this dumpster of used syringes...

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Capsules in Pack: 6

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