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Druid Mood - Herbal Smoking Blend

  • Smoke It!
  • Short Duration
  • Potency for Beginners
  • May Cause Euphoria and Giggles
  • All Natural with No Synthetics
  • 420 Enhancing! Stay Lifted!

While our humble carnival toured the other side of the Atlantic, I was fortunate enough to visit the magnificent ruins of Stonehenge, built by the ancient druids. One evening while our carnival set up camp by these ancient megaliths, I was awakened from my slumber by the chanting of some mysterious men in hooded robes, who were performing some esoteric ritual in the woods. When I approached them, they spoke not a word, but instead shared this fantastic Druid Mood smoking blend with me.

The herbs in this curious mixture—such as mugwort, damiana, and valerian—caused me to drift into the most peaceful rest, and later, the most wild, vivid dreams of human sacrifice and howling banshees. It was then that I was inspired to commission a full scale replica of Stonehenge, complete with a coterie of chanting druids, as a carnival attraction. Wait, what’s this? These are eighteen inches, they’re supposed to be eighteen feet! Sh*t. Do we have any midget-sized robes on hand?

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Weight: 1/2 oz.
Ingredients: Mugwort (the dominant herb by large measure), with dashes of Celadine, Betony, Catnip, Woodruff, Wormwood, Damiana, Skullcap, Sweet cicely, Wild Dagga, Pygeum, Buchhu, Wild Lettuce, Valarian, Spikenard, Blue and White lotus petals, pre-soaked in a special blend of herbal extracts and precious oils.
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a decent alternative to pot and cigs

Posted by Steve C. on 03/05/2012

Righteous righteous stuff! I think I just may be done with cigarettes and this will be my big eff you to the tobacco industry! Time to meditate with the druid dude! Not as strong as weed but definitely a step in that direction. Smooth and chill. Four stars because you were temporarily out of stock. Ordered it and arrived in five days, wanted it in three. No big. Great communication, either way.

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