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Captain Amsterdam - Captain Kratom Tincture - 15ml

  • Soothing and Relaxing
  • Potency for Intermediates
  • Medium Duration
  • Lots of Energy and Vitality
  • For Research Only, Not Consumption.
  • All Natural with No Synthetics

If you're at all like me or Captain Amsterdam - and who wouldn't want to be? - you can't get enough of Captain Kratom's incredible line of all-natural kratom products!  Well hold onto your hat because we have great news!  Now you can enjoy the Captain's mind-blowing kratom products in a concentrated liquid form!  Captain Kratom Tincture has everything you love about the Captain's kratom in a convenient and concentrated form.  For anyone needing quick relief from pain or a nice energy boost, this tincture is developed for fast-acting, powerful relief when you need it. What will he think of next?

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Volume: 15ml

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Posted by JB on 09/07/2012

Unfortunately this particular tincture is really REALLY weak. Given I am rather experienced with Kratom, I find this tincture to not be very potent at all. It may take a quarter of the bottle or more to feel any effects. There are better ways to spend money on Kratom.

quick shipping and a great product

Posted by Javier on 07/06/2012

I was skeptical at first, but I must say that I am very pleased. Not only was I able to speak with a live person (not a bot) through a chat feature on the site. I had quick shipping and a great product. The versatility of this product is incredible. Mix it in a drink or just under the tongue (if you don't mind the taste) and enjoy incredible relaxation without having to boil water or swallow pills. Highly recommended but not for beginners. This is potent stuff!

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