1st Place - Worth over $150 Smackeroos!

(3) Dark Matter Xantopia 
(2) Guci Maeng Da Kratom 16g 
(2) Floories Exotics - Konkey 
(2) Nag Champa Lavender Incense Sticks 15g 
(2) Captain Amsterdam Captain Crazy 
(1) Hizzen Nodzilla 2 capsules 
(1) Wooden Box Incense Burner With Storage 
(1) KannaBliss COUCHLOCK 
(1) KannaBliss HIGHVOLTAGE 
(1) KannaBliss MAGNAHIGH 
(1) Organic Farms – Berry Bubble


2nd Place - Worth over $50 Smackeroos!

(1) Wood Incense Burner / Ash Catcher 
(1) Nag Champa Lavender Incense Sticks 15g 
(1) Hizzen Nodzilla 2 capsules 
(1) Guci Maeng Da Kratom 16g 
(1) Organic Farms – Berry Bubble


3rd Place! Incredible Savings!

One coupon for 24% off your next order (of up to $200.00)!

Sweeeeet Saaaaavings!


How do I win?

Log in using your email address or Facebook profile. Earn points in lots of ways. You can Like us on Facebook, mention us on Twitter, and more! The more points you earn, the better your chances of winning.


Official Rules!

You have until April 15th 2013 to enter this Giveaway. All participants must be 18 years of age and provide verification in the form of a scanned copy of a valid state, federal, or international ID. Participant points will be calculated on April 15th and the winner notified either by e-mail or other Super Fun Cave venue. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact Super Fun Cave with a scan of their ID, as well as a valid US address that matches the one on their ID. If prizes are unavailable at the completion of the contest, suitable replacements of equal or better value will be given to the winner. The prizes and conditions for winning are subject to change without notice. Questions, concerns, or comments can be e-mailed to contests@superfuncave.com with the subject "April Giveaway".